About Us

Steiger 23, 6581 KZ Malden
The Netherlands


Company Introduction

Invalley was started in August 2010 in Malden, Netherlands by Joost Smedts and Kay Evers. As primary school pupils they had already shared a passion for the internet, and started up their first internet projects. After successfully selling an online poker site, they focused on helping businesses with their online marketing activities. Invalley was started to utilize their accumulated internet marketing experience towards helping companies attract visitors to their websites.

The marketing techniques we developed in-house at Invalley were also instrumental to our own success. Over the past few years, Invalley has built up a broad and solid client base in North America, Europe and Australia, thanks also to word-of-mouth marketing on international forums.

What started out as a hobby grew into a professional marketing agency with a strong team behind it. With our unique marketing strategies and a team of experts in both the Netherlands and the United States, we can respond quickly to day-to-day developments. Invalley offers affordable and effective packages to marketing and media companies (including Fortune 500 companies) and website owners. 


Company Vision

Invalley changes the way companies perceive their online presence.
Not enough companies come into their own on the internet. Often this is because a company does not realize how to reach their target audience most effectively. Invalley develops creative marketing packages and applies them to its customers. With detailed reports, we give companies insight into how we reach their desired audience.


Company Values

Team spirit - Invalley has an open, young corporate culture where there is room for everyone. Creativity and innovation are central to our success. Because we work with small teams, we give each and every marketing campaign the personal attention it deserves. Every Invalley client can see that there is a dedicated team working on his order.

Positivity - Positivity is important in the Invalley office. This is reflected in our team spirit. By approaching new challenges positively, we can achieve more and will only complete a project when our goals have been achieved.

Craftsmanship and Quality - It might be because of our Dutch roots, but a customized approach and passion for the profession are key to Invalley. This is reflected in every detail, from our website to the marketing packages that we develop.

Reliability - Reliability is the basis for every partnership we enter into. This is why we always communicate clearly and transparently to each other and our clients. We maintain an open working atmosphere and it is important that Invalley clients know with whom they are doing business.



Meet the team!


Kay Evers - I'm Kay Evers. I was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1989, and I am co-founder and technical director at Invalley. I ensure that business processes within Invalley run smoothly. With my design background, I also make sure every last detail looks good. I am also involved in managing projects within our team.


Joost SmedtsI am Joost Smedts. I was born in Malden, Netherlands in 1990, and I am co-founder and marketing director at Invalley. When you order a link building package from us, I make sure that the service provided is of extremely high quality and achieves the desired result. I also work on coming up with new methods to make your website or business even easier to find online. I'm also in charge of the extensive customized projects at Invalley. Contact me if you want to talk about your project!